Social Media and Social Movements; An Interview with Dr. Vivien Angelus

By; Brandon Cano, Caden Conor, Samantha Bui

Social Media has been a game-changer in the way information is spread across people and the world. Most importantly, social media has made it easier for social movements and political groups to use social media as a tool to spread propaganda and rhetoric. Social movements like Black Lives Matter to the far right-wing The Proud Boys have used social media to coordinate the logistics of events. Rallies and protests, and as a way to communicate with like-minded people and develop an identity in an in-group setting with a set of shared beliefs and views.

To get more of the inside to how people use social media to be influenced to join social movements and connect with likeminded people, we sat down with California State University, Fullerton Dr. Vivien Angelus on social movements and his views on how these political groups and social movements members use social media as a powerful tool.

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