Professor Erickson’s Research Interview

By Brooke McLaughlin, Elizabeth Richards, and Antonio Alfaro

Professor Emily Erickson

For our interview with Professor Emily Erickson we asked her 4 questions relating to her job, past research, current research, and any obstacles she may have had to overcome for her research. We wanted to get the inside scoop to everything were is to know about Comm Law!

Question 1: What research have you done + what are you currently working on?

Emily Erickson teaches communication law here at California State University, Fullerton and after sitting down for an interview with her we discovered just how intense her research experience has been. Since Erickson teaches the law, she also mainly focuses on legal research. Legal research focuses more on looking at previous court opinions and the Supreme Court’s rulings, however, it has also begun to incorporate more social scientific research, which is more like what we have learned about. Erickson further elaborates that you begin legal research with an argument in mind, which is different from social scientific research. That being said she has shared her experience in both types of research and concludes that they may have many differences in the way they are conducted, but with the new adaptation of social scientific practices within legal research, they are able to base their research off more case studies as well as still looking at previous rulings and opinions.

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