Social media’s revolving door research: Dr. Sophie Janicke-Bowles

Dr. Sophie Janicke-Bowles has dedicated much of her research to the effects traditional media has on the formation of a person’s disposition. She has over 15 published works that focus on, more specifically, the outcome of positive psychology from her research through new communication technologies, media and spirituality. During our interview, Dr. Janicke presents hardy cognizance on her journey producing the article our group decided to analyze (Janicke, S. H., Narayan, A., & Seng, A. (2018). Social Media for Good? A Survey on Millennials’ Inspirational Social Media Use.The Journal of Social Media in Society, 7(2), 120-140) and learn from in order to move forward with our research paper. She delved into how a research process works, who decides the direction of the research being conducted, and the structure of the research team that allows for the final print. She was very insightful to all of our questions and provided good key points to ideas that we had for our paper. 

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