Internet Privacy Concerns In The 21st Century


A Rising Issue for Internet Users All Around The World

The creation of the internet has been revolutionary in changing the world and the society we live in. It has enabled to do things we may have never thought were possible 20 years ago. We can instantly communicate with others across the world through texts and chat. We can even see the faces of our loved ones as we video chat with relatives thousands of miles away. The internet along with technology such as the smartphone gives us unprecedented power in the palm of our hand; allowing us to access to unlimited information, social media platforms, health tracking applications, GPS guidance, online shopping and more. As our lives become increasingly intertwined with the internet and technology, our privacy is at stake. Our personal data is knowingly and more often, unknowingly gathered while we use the internet. This data includes, but is not limited to a person’s geolocation, purchasing habits, search history tendencies and social media posts. This collection of data unbeknownst to the user, is a cause for rising concern as users are not only unaware of what type of data is being collected, but also when it is being collected and what is is being used for.

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