Milleniage Advertising: Reconceptualizing Advertising and Its Role in Forming Social Identities.

by: Farah Kaissi and Erwin Amouzou Ametodji

Dr. Jess Vega-Centeno

Ph.D., and Professor in Advertising at the California State University of Fullerton.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Vega regarding her recently released article: “Milleniage Advertising: Reconceptualizing Advertising and Its Role in Forming Social Identities.” This article emphasizes the fact that advertising plays a huge role when it comes to identity. Dr.Vega breaks down each component within the article that goes hand in hand when speaking to a diverse audience. Advertising today tries to reach different facets of the targeted audience through different types of media. 

We started off the interview by asking her as to why she decided to research about race, gender, class, and sexuality. She stated when she was a PhD student she would think about things that she is most passionate about allowing her to see through a different lens as a woman of color, queer and Latina. She also has experience from both sides of the table in the industry; the advertising side and marketing side. This allowed her to gain more knowledge and experience in order to conduct her research. We spoke about the relationship between advertising and the consumer and the adaptation to ads. She stated “that’s an evil cycle” she goes on to explain how it’s truly both parties that have involvement within this cycle of progression. Advertising entities that want to advertise pay attention to what the consumer is doing and what they want and vice versa. They go hand in hand with one another due to advertising being nothing without consumers because it builds that communication between the both, allowing the marketplace to live and breathe. Continue reading “Milleniage Advertising: Reconceptualizing Advertising and Its Role in Forming Social Identities.”