Interview with Dr. Brisbane on How Women Are Perceived in Sports Media. 

by: Janel Murray, Karen Angulo, Leslie Pineda, Lauren Jefferies

Gayle Jansen Brisbane | Cal State Fullerton – Department of Communications | CSUF. 

We had the chance to speak with Dr. Brisbane about her recent research study published in 2023 called “Side-by-Side Sports Reporters: A Between-Subjects Experiment of the Effect of Gender in Reporting on the NFL.”  

Dr. Brisbane was a broadcast sports journalist for 20 years before earning her Ph.D. in Media Research and Practice in 2019. Throughout her doctoral program, she conducted research studies on topics such as the intersection of religion, politics, and how audiences perceive women in television sports media. She has been able to present her research at the International Communication Association (ICA), Association of Educators in Journalism and Mass Communications (AEJMC), and Broadcast Educators Association (BEA). Dr. Brisbane is currently a professor at Cal State Fullerton who teaches multiple journalism classes on campus, including COMM 325 Multimedia Journalism and JRNL 3804 Sports, Media, and Society.  

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