Professor and Researcher at CSU Fullerton: Social Media

Isabel Guerrero, Katie Mahon, Miranda Bravo, and Marissa Zaidi

Intro about Dr. Carrie Carmody:

Isabel asks Dr. Carmody, “In your 2012 paper it was mentioned that society becomes more comfortable with social media and electronic socialization users will learn to integrate this tool and moderate its usage. Do you feel that since the time you wrote that paper that it has become more comfortably integrated or are there remaining issues with…”

Dr. Carmody expresses that when she began her research back in 2008-2009, social media was the new way to “hang out” socially. Today, social media is no longer just about networking, it is part of the bigger picture including the internet and digital marketing. Dr. Carmody goes on to explain that people from Gen Zers to Boomers are using social media every day, so yes, it is used a lot more than was anticipated in 2012.

Miranda asks Dr. Carmody, “Do introverts vs introverts use social media differently and if so, how does it vary?”

Dr. Carmody explains that when she was doing her research, data was limited to college students. She found that there was a fundamental difference in the way that extroverts and introverts were using it. Extroverts seemed to be collecting people, as in having 1500 “friends”.  Their online relationships were shallower but they were mostly interacting with people in the real world and transitioning it over to social media.

Introverts were having deeper online relationships with fewer people on their social media platforms. They tended to not interact with people in the real world and social media was an easier way of connecting for them. Differences were shown from the beginning in regard to social media use and people’s personalities.

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