“Zoom Fatigue” vs. Online Learning

In the Spring of 2020, universities across the nation emailed college students and professors that spring break would start early because of the nationwide shutdown due to the impending outbreak of COVID-19. Many saw this as an opportunity to catch up on sleep or enjoy the extra time relaxing. Yet, little did they know, this was just the start of a year-long shift from in-person learning to the now normalized virtual online learning experience many faces today. College student’s motivation began to waver as everything was coming to a stop and many have gotten accustomed to what our generation has called this lack of motivation “zoom fatigue”. Zoom fatigue is the burnout, worry, or tiredness associated with the overuse of virtual platforms of communications, with a particular focus on video conferencing. We spoke with Dr. Penchen Phoborisut, an Assistant Professor of Communications at California State University, Fullerton. Dr. Phoborisut has a collective knowledge of what it’s like to work across the screen being a news reporter for CNN World Report with her one of her main areas of research within digital media technology. She provided insight as to how she as a professor has changed her way of learning through COVID-19 and we dive into a closer look as to how “zoom fatigue” has challenged the norms of many students and professors during this complex learning environment.

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