Interview with Professor Ju-Pak: Social Media Advertising

Professor Kuen-Hee Ju-Pak

“Last night, I was looking for a new pair of shoes from Vans, and the next day the Vans’ ad popped up when I was scrolling Instagram,” said Kevin Law, a COMM 410 student. His experience is common to other students in class, and they all have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes the ads help find the best products, and sometimes they are just irrelevant. Social media advertising has become a commonality and a major way for advertisers to reach out for more sales and customers. As many of you may already hear about the term “social media algorithm.” “The social media algorithm is ruled by robots programmed to keep our attention as long as possible, they promote stuff we’d most likely tap, share, or heart – and bury everything else,” according to The Wall Street Journal

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