Crafting Apologies to Solve Public Relations Crises

By Samantha Horrocks, Jana Karns, Linh Lam, Julia Mayuga

Saying sorry isn’t always an easy thing to do. Admitting wrongdoing and asking for forgiveness puts us all in an uncomfortable and vulnerable position, but it is a necessary action to reestablish trust, relationships and morality. From a public relations point of view, celebrities, influencers, politicians, governments and companies all must take apologies extremely seriously and strategically when they fall from public favor. In the modern age of media and cancel culture, developing the correct apology strategy for audiences, constituents or customers has become difficult terrain. People can be extremely ruthless when it comes to forgiveness. This is a topic that we believe must be explored more in order to find out what strategies are the most effective while also trying to maintain ethics. To begin our research, we interviewed Professor Cylor Spaulding and discussed his past experience with drafting apologies for corporations.

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